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Traditional Prescriptions

Longley's Pharmacy can fill almost any traditional prescriptions prescribed by a licensed physician or legal practitioner. The pharmacy keeps an inventory similar to that of most major chains. If necessary, a staff member can special order medications that may not currently be in stock.


Longley's Pharmacy uses one of the largest wholesalers, Cardinal. So if it is out there, the pharmacy can usually have it here the next day.


If you are uninsured or a product is not covered, Longley's Pharmacy will work with you to find a reasonable price for your medications. Competitive pricing that closely meets (or beats) chain drugstores and other local pharmacies has been and always will be the goal.

Most all insurance plans accepted including Worker's Compensation.


When it comes to Over-The-Counter items, Longley's Pharmacy has several common sections including: Diabetic supplies, oral hygiene, foot care, first aid, cough & cold, pain relief, stomach relief, baby supplies, women's health, vitamins & minerals, and much more!

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Longley’s Pharmacy offers free delivery within a 3 mile radius of the store. Prescriptions are delivered on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday and require that copays be paid prior to delivery via a prearranged payment method. Contact us for us for more details and to take advantage of this convenience.

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